The Artist

I am a ceramist, creating pottery and sculptures in high-fire stoneware. I work mainly on the wheel, creating pieces with organic and architectural forms that balance functionality with personality.

The contrasting nature of clay is mesmerizing: It can be formed instantly by hand then preserved permanently by a high temperature. Momentary decisions are etched in stone, and the effects of a single touch can last for hundreds of years, embedded in the work. I continue to be fascinated by the properties of my chosen medium.

I work in the East Side of Detroit, where I undertake every aspect of the pottery-making process, including mixing my own clay and glazes from raw materials. I work in batches, making large bodies of work in short amounts of time. I use mainly iron-saturate glazes, fired to cone 9-10.

I graduated from The University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design in 2010 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and immediately went to work as a professional vessel-maker at Pewabic Pottery, a historical pottery still operating in Detroit, Michigan.

My pottery is also available the following locations:

City Bird:

Pewabic Pottery:


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